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Helping you break free from your physiological and emotional attachments, unlocking your potential, health and happiness!

Launching August 31st, 2020 - Become an Unconscious Mind Whisperer 5 - Module Healing Program!

Equipping you with all the necessary tools to find and overcome obstacles that have been holding you back from living your best life!

The Only Stability in Life is Growth

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Unconscious Mind Whispering bridges the gap between your conscious understanding of yourself and the experiential realm of the unconscious mind.
The goal is to help clear the issues being held there, freeing you from physiological and emotional attachments, and unlocking your potential, health and happiness.

Did you know that you’re living in a Fight or Flight society?

Did you know that most of your decision-making process happens in your unconscious mind?

Do you want to learn how to live a balanced and fulfilled life?

Clear your unconscious mind. Empower your consciousness.


Evolution’s Hero is an experiential journey that is more than just a story… it’s a movement in the making.

Online Healing Sessions

Clear negative influences, emotional attachments, energetic cords to others, genetic influences, past wounds and more.

Become an Unconscious Mind Whisperer

With over 40 guided meditation audios, you will learn techniques to provide yourself with  leadership towards greater health, wellbeing and oneness.

What is Energy Healing?
How Can You Benefit From Energy Healing?

Energy healing helps you learn to balance and integrate the four realms of the human condition. Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Understanding how to navigate them opens opportunities for balance and growth in each of these realms.

Healing From Past Traumas and Childhood Wounds

Did you know that most people are held back by events that happened years or even decades ago? Negative experiences often leave deep, unconscious wounds that alter every decision, often for the rest of their lives. I help my clients drop their long-held, emotional baggage and heal past wounds for good.

Relief From Aches, Pains, Insomnia, Digestive Problems

Did you know that you live in a Fight or Flight society? To cope with the demands, pressures, obligations, to-do lists and stresses of your daily life, your body generates muscular tension, which leads to further – physical, mental and emotional – discomforts. I help my clients restore free-flowing, energy movement and therefore, help them live a more peaceful and pleasing life.

Integrating Health and Well-Being

I worked as a personal trainer for 63rd street’s Equinox – the third richest neighborhood in the world. I quickly learned to (articulate the breath) – breath instruction – to my well-to-do but highly stressed clientele and found impressive health and healing benefits for everyone I worked with. Over time, I have had thousands of sessions with matching results.

Improvements In Productivity, Performance, Intuition

“No pain, no gain” in a tight body is counter-productive. Deeper observation and study revealed that tension arises due to constant need to produce, perform and be “on” all day long. I learned how to help my clients free them from the causes of “tightness” and live a more balanced life, so they can perform their best without burning out.

About Me

Through thousands of private one-on-one Body Reboot sessions, I have honed my ability to let my client’s body lead the healing. I understand what the body values and how to support it in finding its own way to answers. This is a form of self-love the body and the child-like consciousness within can understand and receive.

My background is in physical therapy, personal training, energy healing and recently, working with autistic children. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and I am an  Energy Healing Practitioner.


“The first time I worked with Sheldon, I found myself floating, painless, for the first time in a long time. The breathing and expansion exercise allowed my body to heal itself based on its own rhythm of healing. I am grateful that Sheldon walked into my life when he did and I have continued to use the skills he taught for even the smallest of things

Sheldon Ginsberg has created a healing technique that works. He has alleviated a lower back pain I have had for decades. Its quick and simple ways can be used wherever and whenever any type of pain arises. It is about time an effective tool has arrived on the market for those who have experienced chronic or acute pain.”

Joan Severance

Supermodel, Actress and Activist

“Sheldon is highly skilled at combining breath-work, energy healing and conscious stretching in a seamless integrated fashion.

Unlike many healing modalities that don’t translate easily to everyday reality, Sheldon’s approach is deceptively simple allowing for quick application and practical usefulness.

He gives straightforward, pragmatic advice on how to increase awareness of one’s body and breath as a way of grounding and globalizing the “a ha” moments you might experience in the treatment room.”



Bradley Kerschensteiner

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“As a 20 year veteran in the Fitness Industry I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of health and wellness professionals all over the United States. Sheldon is by far one of the most exemplary practitioners I have had the opportunity to work with. While I have worked with hundreds of health and wellness professionals I have only personally hired a handful. I hired Sheldon during a period of my life that was exceptionally stressful. I was overseeing a multimillion dollar business unit while guiding the careers of over 30 team members and working on my MBA all at the same time. Sheldon’s unique approach truly helped me to reboot my heart center and internal balance. Consequently, my team was successful in achieving their goals and I graduated at the top of my class. Sheldon’s techniques are not only a quick fix but an improvement upon one’s own life. I am quite grateful for all his efforts in helping me. It is without reservation that I recommend his practice to friends, family and of course, my own clients as well.”

Kurt Klein

BS, MBA, Managing Partner & COO Kool Tan

Online Healing Resources

Evolution's Hero: A Transformational Journey eBook

Journey to the fantastic realm of Humanity’s Collective Unconscious to confront the embodiment of Misery, Fear, Greed, Judgment and Temptation who have infected the world’s deepest thoughts and feelings.
Evolution’s Hero is an experiential journey that is more than just a story… it’s a movement in the making.

Reduce Your Pain

Pain is an energy that wants to flow, expand and eventually dissolve. But the daily stress and past wounding often create muscle tension that keeps the pain trapped within our bodies and our minds.

This audio will help you learn how to apply these techniques to relax your body and mind with natural healing techniques.

Full Body and Mind Reboot Guided Relaxation

We live in a Fight or Flight Society. The majority of messages coming from both – your inner and outer worlds stimulate your body to shift into a tense, ‘survival’ way of being.
This 18 minute audio guides you on how on to use your breath to relax your body and mind. The more you use it the deeper your ability to relax goes.

Drop the past. Find Your Balance. Reach Into Your Possibilites. Reward Yourself.

Very few people realize the potential that is hiding behind their heavy, emotional baggage. Together, we will  learn how to heal the old, potential-limiting wounds and how to dissolve painful internal experiences as they arise in your body and mind.

The relief experienced from clearing your psyche from invisible issues not only promotes physical, mental and emotional health, but also empowers your ability to stay present to all that occurs each day. You can then experience a heightened sense of peace, intuitive ability, creative flow, self-awareness and enhanced daily performance.

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