6 - Month Healing Program

Turn Emotional Pain Into Life-Changing Empowerment

And Uncover Your Purpose and Potential In The Process

Hi, I’m Sheldon Ginsberg, The Unconscious Mind Whisperer

Nobody comes out of life unscathed. Yet we all try so hard to do just that. And because of that urge to protect ourselves from the wrongdoings in the world, the pain, hurt, and trauma get bundled up and pushed inwards. Eventually manifesting itself in unpleasant ways

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Restore Your Mind, Body, and Soul

And Discover How Inner Work Can Radically Change Your Outer Word

The harsh reality of life is that most limiting behaviors come from within. But this is liberating. Because it means we can control our destiny, and put in the work to positively transform our reality. With the 6-month energy healing program, you lead the way on the journey to purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

  • Learn to leverage pain and emotion in your favor
  • Enter into a new wave of positive life growth
  • Fulfill your soul’s deepest desires and find true meaning in the world
  • Eliminate emotional roadblocks that limit your potential
  • Seek out and destroy feelings of inadequacy
  • Gain clarity and purpose in a world full of static and noise
  • Discover a contented, peaceful, radiant state of mind

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Program Details

6 – Month Healing Program

  • First session: Addressing Immediate Emotional Problems and Concerns
  • Declaring Goals
  • Fight or Flight Society
  • The Healing Power of Relaxation
  • Identifying the Power of the Talking Mind
  • Stillness
  • Observation
  • Holding Space
  • Listening
  • Shining the Light Of Consciousness
  • The Law of Inner Experience
  • Being With - Dissolving Negative Emotion and Pain
  • Grounding
  • Practice and Support
  • Defining the Domain and Function of The Mind
  • Emptying and Clearing the Mind
  • Identifying Truth-Sense
  • Truth-Sense Cellular Alignment
  • Listening to Truth and Following its Leadership
  • Practice and Support
  • Defining Leadership
  • Understanding Leadership: Vision/Purpose/Mission, Integrity
  • The Language of Nervous System, Subconscious Mind/Unconscious Mind and Emotion
  • Making a Stand for Your Humanity and Oneness
  • Cleansing Wounds and Freeing Self
  • Emotional Boomeranging
  • Body Scanning: Expansion/Forgiveness/Truth-Sense Practice and Support
  • Customized Programming
  • Identification of Community: Defining Ego, Lost Aspects of Self/Wounded Self/The Pain Body/Chakra's/Inner Children/Archetypes
  • Declaring Your Stand
  • Holding Space
  • Practice and Support
  • Customized Programming
  • Defining Physical, Mental and Emotional Creation
  • Owning It!
  • Identifying Active Expression or Channel
  • Community Healing Application
  • Creation, Consciousness and Choice
  • Practice and Support
  • Customized Programming

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Find Calm Beneath The Waves

In this novel time of chaos and upheaval, it’s even harder than usual to stay afloat. 

But as the waves of emotion thrash you around, it’s beneath them that you can find peace. By diving into the yearnings of your unconscious mind and soul, you can eliminate feelings of anxiety and stress. 

This program will help you shift the nervous energy out of your body through energy healing, mind-body practices, therapeutic exploration, dreamwork, and more. 

This is more than just a template. It’s tailored support, healing, and guidance to help you find more calm and enjoyment in life. 

Meet Your Healer

Hey guys, I'm Sheldon Ginsberg, The Unconscious Mind Whisperer.

I realized early on that life comes without a guidebook. There’s no manual to see you through. No map to help you navigate the uncertain terrain of the human condition. 

I’ve spent the last  20 years trying to do so. And along the way, have been able to discover the keys to transforming pain and suffering into self-understanding, happiness, and growth. 

Now my pain serves me by empowering a deep empathy and kindness for everyone bearing the mantle of the human condition.

All that I have learned is now available to you through my 6 – month healing coaching program, Navigating the Human Condition.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have 20 years’ worth of understanding, knowledge and spiritual wisdom to gracefully charge forward into the future with passion, purpose, and positive intent.

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Access Your True Self for Optimal Joy, Health, Peace

Only by understanding your emotions and the plight of the human condition can you harness and leverage it in your favor.  By healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being, you can live a life of abundance, clarity, and well-being.  The life of untethered awe and wonder you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 


Maureen Caspers Valero Trainer

I began sessions with Sheldon last year to learn more about energy, mediation, and how to manage stress. He’s helped me learn how to relax on a deeper level and learn and grow from the experiences in my life. I cannot say enough good things about Sheldon and the work that he does. If you are looking for someone who can help you on this journey through life, check out Sheldon. You will learn and grow so much that you’ll be amazed at how far you can go!

Diann Moore Valero Executive

I believe the work Sheldon does is needed by half, if not more, of the population because we all hold on to painful things or don’t know how to manage stress. Our lives can be so much more fulfilled and happy if we just get rid of the things that hinder our moving forward with a great life and healthy relationships. Sheldon is such a kind man with a loving spirit about him so he was very easy to talk to. He cares very much about the pains we carry whether mental, physical, or emotional. My family has seen the change and they credit Sheldon with helping me clear my mind of the past so I can live NOW!

Bradley Kerschensteiner Hotel and Spa, Miami Beach, President of Integrative Change, Inc.

Sheldon is highly skilled at combining breath-work, energy healing, and self-awareness techniques in a seamlessly integrated fashion. Unlike many healing modalities that don't translate easily to everyday reality, Sheldon's approach is deceptively simple allowing for quick application and practical usefulness. He gives straightforward, pragmatic advice on how to increase awareness of one's body and breath as a way of grounding and globalizing the "aha" moments you might experience in the treatment room.

Virginia Hummel Author

From the very first session, Sheldon helped me to relieve my anxiety, rapid heart rate, along with the pressure in my chest plaguing me for most of my life. His professional demeanor put me at ease and allowed me to follow his simple instructions to obtain the best results from our sessions. For those of you into energy healing, Sheldon is one of the most powerful healers I have had the experience to work with. His knowledge and use of energy is quite amazing and it allowed me to let go of both emotional and physical trauma that I had unknowingly carried for years. I would highly recommend Sheldon and his healing program."

Emily Starbuck Crone

Sheldon has been an extremely helpful resource for me. I tend to internalize stress and emotions, and he's taught me how to deal and process with them better through a variety of methods. I always leave feeling like I just had a month of therapy. I love that he also incorporates a spiritual element if you're interested, which has been very transformative for me. He has been an invaluable partner as I work to be healthier mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sheldon is so friendly, compassionate, and truly cares about his clients. He even sends texts with tips he thinks will help.

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