Sheldon Ginsberg

Unconscious Mind Whisperer, Healing Energy Healer, Author and Inventor

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Sheldon! Through thousands of private one-on-one healing sessions, I have honed my ability to listen to you and allow your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs to lead the healing. I am your Body’s Advocate. I understand what your body values and how to support it in finding its own way to its own answers.

My Values & Beliefs

Being of service

With over 20 years of being of service, I have learned how to help others navigate the Human Condition. The goal is to help you grow and evolve into the person you truly are. 

Authentic human listening

Listening is one of my most invaluable tools to create a safe, open and welcoming space for my clients. This allows healing to naturally emerge, creating deep and meaningful change.

Human potential

Each of us has untapped gifts and potentials. My purpose is revealing yours to enrich the world with your light. If enough of us are shining our world can and will transform!

It All Started In New York City, 1999


While working with a psychotherapist on my issues, I realized – nothing in the external world will ever make me happy in a lasting way. This understanding awakened me to a deeply profound and unrelenting call to go within myself and seek answers there.

One day, while living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side in a little sanctuary apartment on 88th and York, I laid down on my couch and gave up in trying to figure my life out. I let go of everything, including breathing and said to the Universe: “Teach me what I need to know.

The Universe Responded And Taught Me How To Breathe

Feelings, sensations and long-held pains released and flowed through me. The relief was profound and life-changing.
From then on, I spent every waking free moment learning from the breath to eventually become its emissary. At this time, I was working as a personal trainer for 63rd street’s Equinox – the third richest neighborhood in the world. I quickly learned to articulate the breath to my well-to-do but highly stressed clientele and found impressive health and healing benefits for everyone I worked with. During this time, I started the path to becoming a Healing Energy Practitioner.

Learning To “Be Present” Combined With Authentic Listening Caused The Truths Preventing My Client’s Progression
To Rise To The Surface

I learned to recognize what was occurring in their bodies and mind’s through observing their: movements, posture, speech patterns and energy. Processing this information along with listening helped to understand and identify the relationship they have to their body and to their life.

I discovered that every one of them (us) is walking around in  bodies riddled with tension. This tension not only prevents free-flowing movement and therefore limits results but it also negatively affects their mood and emotional tolerances.

Deeper observation and study revealed that held tension was due to their constant need to produce, perform and be “on” all day long.

 They Taught Me That We Live
In A Fight, Flight, Freeze Society!


I realized, no one is directly teaching us how to shift our bodies and mind from this survival state to the healthy Rest and Digest state. So, I took up the mantle.

Continued investigation  revealed that unhealed negative childhood experiences programs our nervous system to remain “on”, never being able to relax and let go. 

I Learned To Address Their Tension By Relieving Their Bodies And Minds Of Stress

This was the beginning of how I developed my Body Reboot Sessions. Using guided breathing and relaxation techniques we set the tone to deeply relax your body and mind. Combining this with gentle stretching. vibration massage and energy healing techniques and you walk away with a physical, mental and emotional reboot!

My passion for health and wellness began years earlier as I had pursued a career in Physical Therapy. I worked in orthopedic and neurological settings as a Physical Therapy Aide while attending Nassau Community College, working on my physical therapy prerequisites.

Upon the advice of a trusted friend, I attended SUNY at Buffalo and earned a B.S. in Exercise Science as a means to become a more attractive candidate for PT schools, however, after graduating I said, “no more school!”

I returned home to Long Island and sent out resumes all across the country. Equinox called and I moved into NYC! 

Everyone Is Walking Around With Unhealed Pain That Negatively Affects All Aspects Of Their Life

 ➤ I have been providing Body Reboot services for over 20 years, along with being a Fitness Director in South Florida residential spa,along with being the Guest Services Manager and Healing Energy Practitioner at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach.
➤ I stayed in Zoetry’s Paraiso de la Bonita – a Cancun 5-star resort for 8 months providing this service to their guests.
➤ I lived in Palm Desert, CA to improve the health of members in 5-star country clubs such as Thunderbird, Tradition, Ironwood and Trilogy.

My Understanding Of The Human Condition
Continues To Deepen

Energy Healing sessions addresses accumulations of unconscious body and mind tension due to childhood wounds,  past traumas,  genetic ancestral programming, negative entities, modern day demands and current relationships. Clearing them provides mental clarity, emotional empowerment and is physically harmonizing. 

Through all of my personal and professional experiences I provide people a safe space to be – without judgement and a great deal of patience for growth and truth to arise. 

To say I’m driven in this regard is an understatement. Having many deeply painful personal experiences of my own, I have learned to not only appreciate the human condition but have a deep compassion for us all.

Expressing my own artistic nature, I have written two books, The Holistic Guide to Fitness and Evolution’s Hero. Two screenplays, “Imagination, Inc and Superman – A Galactic Hero and many articles.  

I have invented a chair which helps to release tension in the neck, shoulders, spine and lower back while at the same time helping to improve your posture and body awareness. 

I am also working on The Unconscious Mind Whisperer Training Modules to help others apply what I have learned. 

Currently, I am living in Salt Lake City and can say for the first time in my life:

“I Have Found My Home”

Living in Utah and all its beauty has given me so much of its vibrancy and joy that since I have arrived it has been a very magical experience. 

Besides my private practice, I am delighted to be working with autistic children and teaching healing meditation to recovering addicts at local recovery centers.

After 20 years of providing health and healing services, I believe our culture suffers from a lack of understanding how to access healing and navigate the human condition. A healthy society begins by supporting the health of not only the human body but the human psyche.

My Purpose Is To Help Facilitate This Transformation Of Our Culture Through Sessions, Movies, Inventions,
Books and Technology

“I truly believe every person who has a session can return to a calm and peaceful point of view. You learn to breath through the fears of change, pain and loss that seems to govern our society preventing us from coming together as a community and a nation.”

My Approach

Sessions occur over the phone or through a video chat. You start by sharing the issues or situation from which you wish to clear.

Once we identify this, I will use breathing and calming techniques to help you enter into a healing state. From here we will directly speak to the aspect (or several) in question.

Energy healing methods will be employed to clear negative influences, emotional attachments, energetic cords to others, genetic influences, past wounds and more.

You will learn take-home techniques to continue providing yourself a leadership towards greater health, wellbeing and oneness.

Duration is 1 hour however, sessions can go over time as the completion of the issues in question is my primary goal.

My Background

  • B.S. in Exercise Science
  • 12th level Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Physical Therapy Background
  • Personal Trainer for 10 years
  • Healing Energy Practitioner
  • Working with Autistic Children
  • 1000’s of Private 1-on-1 Body Reboot Sessions

The best time to start was yesterday.
The next best time is NOW. 

Send me a message and let’s start Today!


622/A, Presidency Tower, Panama St, New York.

(+22) 123 456 7898