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From Covid-19 Surviving to Thriving

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Feeling uncertainty, unrest, unease?

It’s an unusual time of isolation, but it also offers unprecedented opportunities.

Feeling uncertainty, unrest, unease? It’s a testing time for the planet right now, and everyone that inhabits this garden. But all things are lined with silver. And the current Covid pandemic opens up doors for huge personal growth.  It’s an unusual time of isolation, but it also offers unprecedented opportunities. 

There Are Always Winners in a Crisis

Life’s been moving at a pace you could barely keep up with. Technology has been evolving faster than we can comprehend. And information overload has been bringing our emotional state to a boiling point. 
Until now. 

There might never be another moment in history that allows us to slow down, smell the rain, and look within ourselves for answers to life’s biggest questions. 

Many people are learning a new language or trying to develop new professional skills. And quite honestly, most will fail. 
Because to evolve, we first need to wake up.

Discover The “Secret Sauce” of The Enlightened For Maintaining Peak Happiness

I’ve spent 20 years searching for ways to turn emotional pain into wisdom, and chaos into opportunity. 

This guide serves as a free holistic resource for you to elevate your consciousness and make positive strides during the pandemic. Self-isolation is the collective symptom of Covid-19, and it’s turning out to be the most mentally tense period of people’s lives. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Don’t Waste Another Minute Stagnating When You Could Be Elevating

Here’s some of what you can expect to gain from this free resource.

Immunity to Global Instability

It doesn’t matter how many catastrophes, calamity or crises reign down upon us in the future. This guide will equip you with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in the bleakest of times, and turn the looming shadows of chaos into golden opportunity.

Find Your Organic Pool of Calm

Learn to harness your body’s in-built soothing mechanism (parasympathetic nervous system) to invite feelings of calmness where you go. You’ll learn how to breathe and react to stressful situations and turn them into moments of content introspection.

Liberate Your Subconscious Mind

Through a series of guided meditations and breathing exercises in this eBook, you’ll learn to locate your Truth-Sense and clear your mind from stress, distractions, and thoughts that don’t serve you. Any negative associations that hold you back can be eliminated, and pain can be transformed into life-changing positive growth. Remember, those who don’t take action will stay stuck. And once this crisis is over, the winners (that’s you) will keep on winning.

Elevate Your Perception

This guide will help you understand where we come from, what we seek, and what we need from the human experience. It will also help you make sense of the world around you, the current pandemic, and how to contribute positively to the world through the authentic expression of self.

In this guide we will explore

  • The Opportunity
  • America, How Did We Get Here?
  • We Evolve Everything We Touch!
  • Relating to the Human Animal
  • Capitalism = Survival of the Fittest = Life in a Fight or Flight Society
  • Freud and Current Advertising Philosophy
  • Normal Selling Practices Lead to Progressive Dis-Ease
  • Stress, Selling, and The Fearful Mind
  • The Body’s Perspective
  • The Impact of the Continual Advancement of Technology
  • The Challenge
  • The Untapped Power of Oneness
  • The Opportunity of Personal Evolution
  • New Ideas Do Not Come from the Mind
  • Harnessing the Para-Sympathetic (Calming) Nervous System
  • The Rule of All Emotional States
  • Organizing the 99%
  • Introducing Your Truth-Sense!
  • How to Connect to your Truth-Sense
  • Human Happiness