What If You Could Talk to Your 
Body’s Inner Intelligence?

And Energetically Re-Align with it to Mend Your Cells From Disease

Did you know your body has its own voice?

Society tells us that the mind and body are separate but in fact, your body is a finely tuned instrument in its own right, with the ability to heal itself, given the right leadership.

Amazing things can happen when we consider aliments and health conditions from the perspective of the body. Doing so empowers our ability to meet the body where it is since it gives us direct information as to what the body needs.

To the body, cancer cells are parts of itself no longer listening to the whole. They are seeking attention because they have lost their way.

The work we do together is about peeling back the layers between yourself and those parts of you lost in the dark.

Reaching them, we can address their needs and realign your mental, emotional, and physical self so you all work together towards the same goal of being healthy. And the most astounding part of all is, anyone can do it!

What if there was thinker living in your tumor or condition?

What would be possible if we could reach it?

We easily accept that our heads think. So too does our hearts, stomachs and sexual organs. Is it so hard to accept that a dis-ease within our bodies has its own voice?

We work together to help you develop a new understanding of what it means to live in your body. You learn what it means to come home to yourself in a more profound way that changes your life.

Through a foundation of a calming breathing practice you learn to explore and heal the deeper layers of yourself, find calm, and address the energetic disconnections between your mind, body, and emotions.

You Have Powerful Healing
Transformation Abilities!

The Secret to Eliminating Disease That Nobody is Talking About

Relax. Breathe. Heal.

These are the core components of your journey to cellular regeneration and optimal health. And the basis for your guided journey to self-discovery.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Healing Sanctuary!

I’ll help you create your personal healing sanctuary where most of our guided work together will take place. This is your place of pure peace that facilities the healing to come.

Step 2: Learning to Lead Your Body and Mind!

At this stage, I teach you how to step up as a leader for your own body. Together we learn your body's unique language and begin addressing deeper unmet needs.

Step 3: Unlayering Begins!

Much like layers of sedimentary stone tell us the story of history, your mind and body's tensions have their own unique voice. Healing occurs when your body’s inner intelligence feels and experiences the story in a calm and peaceful state.

Step 4: Crafting Connection!

This is the most radical part of the journey where we begin to make the connection to your specific ailment. Whether it’s a tumor, inflammation, or another hidden sickness, you’ll learn to feel its presence to let your body do its work.

I've Made it Easy to Explore this Option...

Healing can be overwhelming. But that’s exactly why I created this comprehensive system. To hold your hand every step of the way and create lasting change. This form of mending is hard to come by, and there’s truly not many experts talking about it. 

Healing can be overwhelming. But that’s exactly why I created this comprehensive system. To hold your hand every step of the way and create lasting change. This form of mending is hard to come by, and there’s truly not many experts talking about it. 

To make exploring this option easy we start with the first month:

Total of 8 sessions = $1,000 – $500 down payment due before the 1st session.  

2 Week Money Back Guarantee

We meet virtually or via phone calls 2 times per week for 2 weeks. If after the 4th session you feel you are not getting benefit I will refund your money.




Healing Cancer from the Inside

In early June of this year, a former client reached out to me requesting sessions. Besides having a great deal of stress in her life she was also battling a growing brain tumor the size of a walnut.

After going through an initial consultation, we scheduled her first appointment for June 11, 2020.

The first 3 sessions involved teaching her breathing techniques, helping her relax while clearing unhealthy emotional attachments to various family, work and relationships situations. This becomes the vehicle by which she experiences her true relationship with herself and her choices. This is foundational training required enabling her ability to provide herself a calm inner space of integrity for us to focus on the tumor itself.

The First Breakthrough – 4th session, June 22, 2020 

Towards the end of this session, we began directly connecting her to the tumor living in her brain. Through a discovery process, we uncovered an “adolescent presence” within the tumor, living behind a locked steel door.

The adolescent, as most angry adolescents do, refused to speak to us however, contact was made! I guided my client to remain connected to this part of her and keep offering love and attention. She did this for several weeks.

The Second Breakthrough 9th session, July 23, 2020.

Along with daily breathing practices and implementing other customized behavior changing tools she had also been continuing the work we had started on June 22 of listening to herself and her tumor.

In this session, she reported an amazing breakthrough! It occurred while having a recent MRI scan. Lying in the tube, she felt something within her losing control. It was the adolescent! Through the training she received, Amy was able to calm herself down, lead herself back to breath and ultimately, show up for herself in a way that forever changed her life!

Back in the session: we reconnected her to the feeling and presence of the adolescent and established a new healthier relationship moving forward. I provided a list of physiological tools and healing techniques to lead the tumor to shrink for her to practice during the week.

The News! 10th session., July 27, 2020

An hour before the sessions began Amy had received the news from her doctor that the tumor had shrunk!

Amazing result!!! Celebration combined with awe and gratitude.

We continued our work with the adolescent. Amy reported feeling more connected and loving to herself then ever before. She expressed huge amounts of gratitude and wisdom. She shared insights about herself and about what she wants in terms of making choices and following her truth.

She has learned to both listen and lead herself.

The next MRI scan is in 6 months. Looking forward to that!

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